Biography of Dong Minh Monk

1 . The man:
Thich allies as I ventured that name . He was born in 1927 ( Dinh crown ) , Quan Quang village , Khanh Nhon Commune , An Nhon district , Binh Dinh province . His father is his instrument : Plan , Do , his mother is a woman : Tran Thi Tu . His family consists of five children , two boys three girls. Thich stationed 3rd , 4th Him . His family is family life have convinced many traditional Jewels .
 2 . Ordained directed learning :
Him Huy Thi Khai , Happiness is self- Hui , effective ally , the Lin -second 42 .
- In 13 years (1940 ) , He became a church with burial Dai Quang , Van Khanh Pagoda , rural Van Quang , Quang Phuoc , Binh Dinh Province .
- In 1943 , his life novice at the World Men Long Khanh . Then , I put him in Quang Hanh Phan Rang give him Tri Thien Hung Thang , Phan Rang . Then Venerable Huyen Thien Hung gave him abbot of Zen Tan Lam , Phan Rang recognized as his disciples , to teach Economics , Law , Luan ...
- 1947 (then Ngai19 old ) , he was ordained at the World Forum Thien Duc , Binh Dinh Chieu by Mr. Hui as leading and Venerable Phuoc Hue Pagoda Tower Cross proved ( according to his memoirs and ice recorded conversations between him and his disciples ) . Because of his lack of ordination old professor for four more years and is a Master Cross World Forum Council approval .
- 1950 , he studied at the School Increase Nha Trang , then there is the name " The Rising Middle School South Vietnam " .
- In 1954 he was awarded the Board of Directors for permission to Saigon Street , looking to learn some worldly occupations , such as nurses , processed chemicals ... to complement the Union Y , the clever tricks ... do this practice follows from wages .
- In 1955 , he would like to join Hue School of Business , Law , argument with Thich Thien Sieu , Thich Don Hau , Thich Tri Quang to complete the Buddhist University . During this time , he stayed in Quang Pagoda .
 3 . Practice :
- In 1949 he was elected Venerable Master Bon served as prime Coordinates Lam Meditation Temple .
- In 1950 , when at the convent school at Nha Trang Increase School , he was Board Director and Mass nominated prime them to manage all their activities increase . Thus , Buddhist monks and then calls him " Master Craft " .
- In 1957 , after completing the program Buddhist University , from Hue to Nha Trang , he was Buddhist Association of Central meantime , the research division , organization , firm founded The Bodhi leaves son , to economic self-sufficiency for the training load increases . After that , the company is developing two branches , one in Saigon , one in Hue . Sources of income of three financial economic base has played an important role in the training load increases , at the time.
He has held the position of Managing Director of this production facility , from its inception until transformed .
- 1957 , Increase School Nha Trang and Hue Bao Quoc Buddhist Institute incorporated into the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies , Hai Duc Pagoda in Nha Trang ( commonly known as the Buddha Hai Duc Nha Trang Institute ) . He was invited to hold the " Chief economic self-sufficiency " , and teachers often teach at the Institute of Buddhist Studies Institute and the United States in the following years .
- 1963 , he was a member the Committee to Protect Buddhism in Nha Trang , Khanh Hoa , along with Buddhist monks fought campaign against religious discrimination policies and oppression of the people Ngo Dinh Diem .
- 1967 , Buddhist Church of Vietnam Unified invited him to hold Khuong South Vietnamese representatives , including the provinces of the Central Highlands .
- 1968 , he served as Head of the Department of Buddhist Studies General for Education Buddhist Church of Vietnam Unified , care coordination and the Institute of Buddhist Studies of the South at that time.
- In 1970, the Institute of Buddhist Studies Hai Duc Nha Trang specialist in Buddhist studies classes . He was invited to hold the dean of studies , often urging the practice of monks and nuns .
- In 1974, the Institute of Buddhist Studies College of Hai Duc Nha Trang founded by Venerable Thich Thien Sieu as Director , he held the position of Deputy Chief Executive , care monitoring all activities of the Institute .
Since its establishment the Institute of Buddhist Studies Institute College , he and his eggs are two powerful assistant director for the Institute Venerable Thich Tri Thu .
- In 1982, he settled in 1983 , taught law at Gia Lam Monastery and Quang Huong Van Hanh Buddhist .
- 1993 to 2001 , he was invited as Declaration provides for the Attorney General Sex Forum Librarian I ( 1993) , II (1997 ) , III (2001 ) Long Son Pagoda Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa .
- In 1995, sponsored by Thich Hanh Tinh in Taiwan , he held training classes for monks translator . Then , continue to guide and nuns , lay translate the scriptures in Tibetan Dai Tan Chanh Tu . At the same time he certified that all translations .
- In 1996, he was invited as Declaration provides for the Attorney General at the World Forum Tong Lam Thien Hoa , Ba Ria Vung Tau .
- In 1997, he was Vietnam Buddhist Church ordained Abbot and worship at Central Council Proof Church .
- In 2001, the third term in Congress , the Executive Board of Khanh Hoa Province Buddhist Association asked him to do to prove to the Provincial Council and advisor . At the same time , you increase the Board of Education and the Provincial Assembly of monks also take him as an adviser to two boards .
- In 2002, with the support of the Friends in Overseas France , he established campaign " Ban French translator Tibetan Buddhism in Vietnam " , and the Chairman shall hold and guide the monks, nuns and lay interpreters , since then many sutras have been translated and widely circulated both locally and abroad .
- In 2003, he was the Institute of Buddhist Studies Vietnam invited the Vice Rector .
 4 . Interpreting Vinaya :
Because of the strict nuns nostalgic neo precepts , expressed as a private school Tathagata , Dharma serve , so long he has researched the Vinaya , and from 1978 he translated the entire system the Law of the University system Tibetan Tripitaka Tu Tan . In addition , he also translated the :
- 1978 : Service State laws memorized ( 4 volumes ) in the verse probation in Nha Trang .
- 1987 : - The Punishment of Pi Ni ( 18 books )
- 1988: - Four Bhikkhu About That
- 1991: - Council Member Interpreter Vietnam Buddhist Vinaya ( Due Institute of Buddhist Studies invites Hanoi ) .
- In parallel , his interpreter and guide evidence that from episode 1 to episode 17 tonnes from the University Tripitaka .
In addition to the translation , he is the Head of School of Basic Life Church Buddhism Buddhism News Middle School today Khanh Hoa , Quang Dieu Nunnery and law faculty for monks and nuns in the world these days potash in the province of church doctrine Khanh Hoa Buddhist .
 5 . Passed :
- After final illness , although the Church, the disciples , the rule of law , and doctors Hospital of Khanh Hoa Province and Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City hearted cure , but because of advanced age and poor health , he should calm died at 18 hours 35 minutes June 17, 2005 ( year to May ngay11 Rooster ) in Long Son pagoda , Buddhist Association headquarters in Khanh Hoa province .
- Head 's 78 years , 59 Lower Greek
- Now he is playing high country but strictly mirror the precepts , of practice , continued his hybrid background conductivity still shines brightly . The post- attack line should follow to cultivate the body, mind , religion serve , the merchandise being clothing .